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One of the most popular excursion destinations throughout Carinthia

Heidi-Alm children's adventure park

One of the most popular excursion destinations throughout Carinthia

Heidi-Alm children's adventure park

Heidi-Hotel - The children's and hiking hotel in the Carinthian mountains

Scenes from the famous TV series become alive

A tour through Heidi's world

Featuring the story of the little Swiss girl Heidi, the Heidi Alm children’s adventure park  nestled amid a stone pine forest has become one of Carinthia’s most popular excursion destinations. Known by generations of children, the beloved story of Heidi and her friends comes alive along a trail featuring 26 different scenes from the animated films.


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Free admission

As a guest of the Heidi Hotel, you enjoy free admission to the Heidi-Alm children's adventure park at any time - even several times during your holidays.

There's so much more to experience with Heidi

There is a small lake in the Heidi Park where you can make your first fishing attempts. It also has a 12 meter long giant slide. You might also meet the goats Schnucki, Bärli and Schwänli. Just make sure they don’t snatch your snack away from you!

Have your family souvenir photo taken at the big Heidi photo wall . Maybe Schnucki, Bärli and Schwänli will sneak their way in. Just as cuddly and gentle as our goats are the ponies, Haflinger horse and the donkey Fiffy, who are waiting to greet you at the Zirbenhütte hut.

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Goat & marmot enclosure

They were a little shy at first. But meanwhile our cheerfully whistling marmots Enzo, Ferri, Beppo and Vroni allow all our guests to observe them close up.

@heidihotel1 © Copyright TINEFOTO  Photography by Martin Steinthaler

Heidi's fishing pond

Have a good catch everyone in the Heidi Park fishing pond. Fishing rods are available for an additional charge. And our kitchen team will be happy to prepare the freshly caught trout for your dinner.

Huge wooden playground

The impressive wooden playground with fitness trail at 1,870 m is a highlight on each hike across the Heidi Park.


Suitable for strollers and wheelchairs

The path across the Heidi Alm children’s adventure park has been resurfaced and widened to make it suitable for strollers, buggies and children’s wheelchairs. Please note, however, that alpine terrain always goes slightly uphill and downhill.

Note: A child’s wheelchair can be easily pushed along our alpine paths. For a wheelchair with an adult, the uphill and downhill sections might be a little strenuous.

Gisela Köfer

The mother of Heidi-Alm

The Mother of the Heidi Alm is Gisela Köfer, our “Heidi Granny.” Falkert may be best known for its stunning nature, but thanks to Gisela, the resort is also home to a one-of-a-kind attraction that inspires mountain lovers of all ages. Gisela herself was a bookworm as a child and a huge Heidi fan. So she came up with the idea of making the famous story of the little Swiss girl come alive for children here on our mountain pastures.

Heidi Hotel Falkertsee 2018 (c) Carolin Thiersch-64