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Learn how to climb like an expert

Holidays with mountaineers

Learn how to climb like an expert

Holidays with mountaineers

Heidi-Hotel - The children's and hiking hotel in the Carinthian mountains

The "North Face" is the first stop on your way to becoming a young expert climber. Start with this easy10-metre-high climbing wall right next to the hotel to practise and repeat your "first ascent" as often as you like. Various routes with comfortable holds, top-rope safety and our team on site guarantee climbing fun with a secure grip.

Safety first

To start with, you’ll learn how to properly fit a climbing harness and belay correctly while being assisted by our qualified instructors from the Falkert sports school (every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am).


Beginner via ferrata with Flying Fox

You have already conquered the North Face? Then our new children's via ferrata should be your next challenge. After an initial short adjustment to the new rock climbing terrain, you will love testing your skills. 

With a big reward at the top: a 100-metre-long zip line ensures a speedy descent after you’ve made it to the summit.

Here too, safety is a top priority: the correct safety technique with the via ferrata set is practiced in advance with the guides from the sports school. The necessary equipment (harness, via ferrata set, helmet) is available free of charge for our guests! 

Tip for parents: Climbing in the child-friendly spots in the Nockberge mountains promotes your children's natural and healthy urge to move. 

We look forward to receiving your non-binding holiday inquiry or a direct booking. Climbing on the "beginner via ferrata" is part of the Falkert sports school's mountain adventure program. 

Supervision every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am

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Falkensteig & Murmelsteig via ferratas

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Murmelsteig (B-C)

450 meters, 180 vertical meters, highlight: the 20-meter rope bridge. Duration: around 1 ¾ hours, recommended by the mountain guide for climbers aged 10 years and above (with climbing experience)

Guided via ferrata tour

Our experienced mountain guide Thomas Lippitsch is on site every Wednesday in July and August.

The “Murmelsteig” via ferrata, also suitable for children and youngsters, is a fantastic second route (in addition to the "Falkensteig"), created by the East Tyrolean via ferrata builder and professional mountaineer Peter Ortner (David Lama’s rope partner). The new via ferrata leads an impressive 400 meters from the Sonntagstal valley almost all the way up to the brand new summit cross. Follow the well-marked path into Sonntagstal. Continue as far as the signpost, then head north to the Falkertwänden slabs for approx. 30 min. The entrance of the via ferrate is right at the left, next to the Falkensteig.

The chosen route is not short of spectacular views and exposed sections. Nevertheless, the climb can be classified as category B/C. There are a few stirrups and footholds that have been chiseled into the rock along the way. A 20-metre rope bridge requires some effort and makes the hearts of via ferrata enthusiasts beat faster.

Falkensteig (C-D)

300 meters, 160 vertical meters, highlight: the 10-meter rope walkway. Duration: around 1 ¼ hours, only for experienced climbers

Route: From the entrance along the gully, the route first leads to the start of the A/B intersection, after a short traverse, continues up to the end of the C/D intersection, then along a grassy ledge to the A/B stone pine. This is followed by a   steep grassy ledge and a short rock step under an overhang to the wall book A/B. Then follow the  traverse to a slab A/B. This leads  up into a niche B/C. From there follow an exposed traverse to the left, continuing over slabs and steps to the start of a short gully-like ramp and then continuing B/C to the right. A few rock steps take you left into the wall on the gorge side. Continue over slabs and ledges to the rope walkway, over which the gorge is crossed to the exit. Then it's another 10 minutes along the hiking trail to the summit.

Time required (total): approx. 2 hrs

Descent: along the marked path back to Lake Falkertsee - approx. 60 min.

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Free climbing at jump height

Learn how to boulder at Heidi-Alm

Our tip for little mountaineers! 

Bouldering means free climbing at jump height. You are not secured by a rope, but can simply jump from the rock onto the boulder mat laid out below at any time.

With a guide, it's a 10-minute walk into the Sonntagstal valley to the boulder problems in the Heidi-Alm boulder park. Get accustomed to real rock terrain, feel it and learn how best to hold on to the rock with your hands, arms and feet.