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Sauna & Wellness in the Vital Alm

Infusion with a view

Sauna & Wellness in the Vital Alm

Infusion with a view

Heidi-Hotel - The children's and hiking hotel in the Carinthian mountains

Tip for parents: take the chance to enjoy some moments of relaxation in the Heidi Hotel’s spa complexwhile your kids will find plenty to see and do with our childcare team.

In the Vital-Alm, to be more precise: soak up the cozy feel-good ambience created by premium natural materials and ingredients sourced from the Nockberge mountain region while relishing the combined power of the elements for relaxation and renewed energy: clear mountain spring water, crisp mountain air, rich soil and warming fire. 

Speaking of energy: 100% of it is supplied by our own organic wood chip plant using wood from local forests.

  • Stone pine sauna with the pleasant fragrance of stone pine wood, 90 °C

    Known for its pleasant fragrance, the natural aroma of our Swiss stone pine sauna has an intensive antibacterial and anti-pollutant effect.
    Studies have shown that people who spend time in a stone pine furnished room report a better general health and a significantly reduced heart rate. As a result, accelerated recovery processes could be observed with people spending time in a Swiss stone pine sauna.

  • Herbal bath with soothing ingredients from the mountains, 55 °C

    The effect of radiant heat has been synonymous with health and well-being since the existence of Roman thermal baths. In combination with a selection of herbs, the Kräuterbadl is a particularly soothing experience for both body and soul. 

  • Brine steam bath with purifying, detoxifying effect, 45 °C

    Particularly beneficial for skin and lungs. The dissolved mineral salts have a purifying and detoxifying effect. Finely dissolved sea salt brine is atomized at regular intervals in the brine bath. Pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts have an additional cleansing effect on the entire respiratory tract.

  • Infrared cabin for 2 people with color therapy, 43 °C

    The soothing warmth that gently gets under your skin is a real miracle weapon against a wide range of problems and illnesses. Infrared heat activates the body's self-healing processes, boosts metabolism and increases tissue elasticity and joint mobility.

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    Relaxation room

    Watching the clouds. Offering fantastic views of the surrounding mountain landscape, our relaxation room fitted with open fireplace, water and hay beds as well as cozy loungers invites guests to let go and unwind after a sauna session.

    Important: don't forget to drink enough. This is an essential part of sauna and wellness sessions. That's also the reason why there’s always refreshing mountain spring water and a selection of delicious teas available for you.

    Log cabin sauna & Hot pot

    Outdoor sauna at Lake Falkertsee

    Enjoy a rustic sauna experience in our log cabin made from KELOWOOD. The Kelo arctic pine first grows for several hundred years before the natural KELO process begins: Over several decades, the bark peels off and the exposed trunk is literally "tanned" by snow and sun. This gives the KELO wood its durability, its characteristic silver-grey color and the golden cut surface. The unique KELO aroma turns a sauna session into an unmatched experience. 

    Rustic sauna enjoyment coupled with unparalleled comfort. Relish the fantastic views over the mountain range and the idyllic lake from the sauna bench. The size of the oven allows intensive infusions, increasing both sauna experience and regeneration factor. Once used to it, sauna freaks become addicted to the sensational pleasure of cooling down either in the bathing pond in winter or in the mountain lake in summer.

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