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Summer on mountain pastures

Mountains of adventures

Summer on mountain pastures

Mountains of adventures

Heidi-Hotel - The children's and hiking hotel in the Carinthian mountains
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  • Climbing tower
  • Slide
  • Carousel
  • Nest swing
  • Classic swings
  • Seesaw
  • Rope slide
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Pump track

Laid out like an "8", our pump track features rollers and berms for endless riding fun. Speed is gained by pumping motions with arms and legs. As a pump track rider, you only sit in the saddle at the start and then stand on the pedals. The pump track is suitable for mountain bikes, BMX bikes and balance bikes.

Rental bikes available (free of charge)

  • 4 e-mountain bikes
  • 2 e-mountain youth bikes
  • 2 Woom bike wheels
  • 4 Woom bikes (children's bikes)
  • 2 special pump track bikes
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Moon cars

Things can get wild on our moon car track next to the terrace occasionally. Racing around with their new friends without observing the traffic rules is great fun for the children!  Whether Harley, moon car or bobby car ... everyone is sure to find a suitable vehicle up here!

By the way: riding a moon car is not only super fun, it also develops coordination skills, as the - admittedly - somewhat unusual vehicles have to be steered using the pedals and side handles.


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Visiting our goats is a must during your holidays at the Heidi-Alm ;) Schnucki and Schwänli will be delighted to be petted and fed by you.

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Indian tent with campfire

One of THE highlights of our weekly program is the campfire evening with bread roasting next to the Indian tent. Flickering flames, crackling wood and crispy bread on a stick make the evening an unforgettable experience for both young and adult alpine Indians.


Giant covered sandpit

Digging in the sand connects generations of children and also appeals to some Moms and Dads. It is of course just to support the little ones who discover their creative side in our giant sandpit while making new friends along the way. Working as a team, they create impressive buildings, caves and many delicious-looking sandy snacks.

Climbing at and around the hotel

    Lake Falkertsee

    Take in the views of the charming lake in front of our hotel, with waters reflecting the gentle peaks of the surrounding mountains. No one can resist Lake Falkertsee’s watery call of adventure and relaxation. While some guests prefer just chilling on comfortable loungers on the hotel’s private lawn with lake access, others explore the lake’s beautiful scenery in a rowing boat or with one of our stand-up paddle boards.

    Especially after a hiking or climbing tour, Lake Falkertsee is a welcome place to cool off. Kids in particular love splashing around in the refreshing water.

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