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From a family to families

the Köfer family!

From a family to families

the Köfer family!

Heidi-Hotel - The children's and hiking hotel in the Carinthian mountains

The Heidi Hotel is an authentic family hotel in every respect. Our family has been running the hotel since its establishment more than 50 years ago. We are children, parents and grandparents ourselves and would be delighted if you, after having been our guests, are as much in love with the mountains as we are.

We hope that you appreciate our hotel’s family atmosphere, get to discover the magnificent Nockberge mountains up close, and find enough time as a couple to recharge your batteries for something new.

If you would like to find out more about us, then read on.

Heidi Hotel Falkertsee 2018 (c) Carolin Thiersch-100

Lukas Köfer

The idealist and go-getter

Lukas decided to join his parents’ business in 2006. And since then there has been no stopping him. 

Lukas is a true visionary – who makes his visions come true!

There is no mountain too steep and no wall too high for him – neither in a professional sense, nor in literal terms. In his free time, he enjoys climbing, skiing and biking with his two sons, Xaver and Felix.

Heidi Hotel Falkertsee 2018 (c) Carolin Thiersch-201

Julia Köfer

Energetic, empathetic & committed

Julia has called the Falkert her home since 2010 and has been working in the family business ever since. She always lends an ear to employees, guests and of course to Lukas, whom she supports wherever and whenever she can.

In her free time, Julia enjoys hiking and ski touring with her family. Or she retreats to one of her favorite spots around the Heidi Hotel and delves into an exciting book!


Gisela Köfer

Gisela Köfer

The good soul

You’re sure to encounter Heidi-Granny Gisela when walking through the Heidi Hotel. She not only makes sure that guests of all ages are doing well, but she also takes care of the fresh flowers in the hotel. 

Gisela keeps herself fit with morning yoga classes, sauna sessions and herb walks, as well as cross-country skiing in winter. But what she loves most is looking after her grandchildren and showing them the world just as she likes it best!

Heidi Hotel Falkertsee 2018 (c) Carolin Thiersch-197

Hans Köfer

The pioneer

He literally has paved the way for further tourism development at Falkert. The pioneering work of Hans Köfer since 1967 is unequalled, with the focus still on “the big picture.” 

The home-made bacon and excellent Swiss stone pine and blackberry schnapps offered at the Heidi Hotel are his top priority! His passion, however, is hunting. He even allows his grandsons Xaver and Felix to join him from time to time.


Florian Köfer

Free spirit and all-round talent

Graduate ski instructor and ski guide, professional free skier, master of business administration, mountain hut manager and managing director of the Heidi Alm children’s adventure park: Florian is a true all-rounder.

A mountain and snow enthusiast to the core. In winter you’ll see him on skis, in summer on a bike, a via ferrata or a tractor. Florian is someone who can do anything if he really wants to. :-)

Anniversary 2017/2018

50 years of Heidi Hotel at Falkertsee

In 2017, we celebrated our hotel’s 50th anniversary. And if it weren’t true, you’d think it was a fairy tale. The setting: a mountain whose name is a combination of the German words “Falken” (falcon) and “hart” (hard), and an undeveloped alpine pasture area in the Nockberge mountains at that time. Set at an altitude of 1,875 meters, and a mountain summit with a height of over 2,300 meters. My grandfather Hermann Köfer had chosen the Falkert to realize his impressive vision.

Being an innkeeper and farmer in Pörtschat at the time, he was looking for a second mainstay that would provide him with work and income in winter. When he saw the Falkert, he knew that this unique idyll with its crystal-clear mountain lake, beautiful alpine pastures and mountains had great tourist potential.

My grandfather was so enthusiastic about this alpine pasture that he went to great lengths and began to realize his dream by buying the building site in 1965 – despite the lack of any infrastructure. At that time, there was no paved road up the Falkert, no electricity and no water supply.

The gravel road was so narrow that no construction crane could be delivered. Therefore, the scaffolding was constructed in such a way that the building materials could be brought to the upper floors using wheelbarrows. The machines ran on emergency generators. The time available for the construction work was very short due to the altitude. At times, there were up to 70 workers on site. Simultaneously, the farm road was being paved and the electricity connection installed. The water came from our own spring.

Two years later, it wasn’t just the turn of the year that sparked a firework display of enthusiasm; on New Year’s Eve 1967, our grandfather reaped the first reward for his pioneering work – a hotel with 35 guest beds, water and electricity supply, and a paved access road. And by 1970, the first ski-loving families were already flocking to the area.

This focus on families has remained a matter close to our hearts ever since. We want to provide parents and their children a home away from home. And that’s why our whole family pitches in. The celebration of the hotel’s 50th anniversary while ringing in the new year 2018 was a wonderful confirmation of our successful work.

Which, by the way, we never run out of! The latest projects were implemented in 2021/22: The indoor children’s area was expanded to include a children’s Alp with a sports hall, integrated cinema and trampoline. The dining room with panoramic views was enlarged, and a new lounge area was built. And since December 2022, we have been able to offer 15 generous family suites for your vacation on the mountain.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Heidi Hotel!

Lukas Köfer

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