Regionalism is our success

We, the Köfer family and the Heidi team, firmly support our region’s natural products, its cultural landscape and environment. Accordingly, from day to day, we are committed to animating the business location as well as promoting ecological awareness for our workplace.

With this in mind, it is only natural that all products for our catering trade are sourced from regional suppliers. The benefits: absolute freshness, local contact persons, proven quality and environmentally friendly resourcing (short delivery distances, etc.). Our menu choice is inspired by regionally grown and seasonally harvested products (so guests can enjoy the best flavors the season has to offer), along with a selection of wines from some of Austria’s most reputed vintners. This philosophy includes both regionalism, offering as many homemade products as possible (sweet pastries, special bread and biscuits, daily specials, pine schnapps etc.), and cooperation with regional, high-quality suppliers (fish, meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, sausages, dairy products, beer, wine, mineral water, juices etc.). Last but not least our social commitment in the region.

Ecologic sustainability and top quality are considered the main principles for subsisting regionalism!

Biomass power plant, for the sake of the environment!

Since November Heidi-Hotel, Seehütte, Almhaus “Seeblick“ and “Karl Alm“ are supplied with energy from our biomass power plant using wood from the region that exudes comfortable warmth. Why cause harm to our fantastic environment with too much CO2 emission when there is a wonderful alternative available directly at our doorstep? However, in times like these, it is not only for the good of our environment but also a matter of economic efficiency to use the renewable raw material TIMBER.

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