Nockberge Biosphere Park

Characterized by their distinctive round-shaped hills (the so-called “Nocken”), the gently sloping Nockberge mountains on the southern side of the Alps cultivate and treasure a valuable natural and cultural landscape. Age-old traditions of dealing with nature shaped by gentle tourism — the Nockberge mountains offer recreation from the first moment you take in the clear air. Apart from the rich culture, the region covering a total of 183,3 km is characterized by a wide range of animals and plants.

In summer 2012 the Nockberge National Park region was recognised as Biosphere Park. In this protected area, the focus is on environmentally-friendly, sustainable development of the region (including economic development), that is consistent with the needs of the people living in the protected Nockberge area. Worldwide there are about 620 Biosphere Parks, of which seven are located in Austria. The Nockberge Biosphere Park is the first in southern Austria.

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