Wellness, sauna and infusions

Wellness holidays in the mountains

Holidays - a time for regeneration. As children and parents have different perceptions of this term, it might be just the right time to visit the wellness area of Heidi-Hotel when your offspring is being cared for in the childcare program.

Vital Alm wellness

A relaxing sauna session again at last, leaning back in the herbal bath or feeling muscle tension loosen in the infrared cabin– experience the beneficial and cleansing power of warmth in the Vital Alm:

  • Stone pine sauna with a temperature of 90°C
    The pleasurably soothing fragrance of Swiss stone pine provides natural aromatization of the sauna cabin and has bacteria-inhibiting and anti-pollutant effects.
 Studies report that people in rooms furnished with stone pinewood generally feel better  and have a significantly reduced heart rate, thus increasing the recovery process for sauna visitors.
  • Herbal bath with soothing alpine herbs and a temperature of 55°C
    The beneficial effects of radiant heat on health and wellbeing have been known since the existence of Roman spas. Coupled with a variety of different herbs, the Kräuterbadl creates a soothing environment for body and mind. 
  • Brine steam bath with purging and detoxifing effects, approx. 45°C
    The purging and detoxifying mineral salts make this steam bath particularly soothing for skin and lungs. The entire respiratory system is also purified by adding pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts to the finely dissolved sea salt dispersed at regular intervals.
  • Infrared cabin for 2 people with color therapy, approx. 43°C
    The soothing deep warmth of the infrared cabin really works wonders for numerous disorders and illnesses by stimulating the body’s self healing powers, accelerating the metabolism, improving tissue elasticity and increasing the mobility of the joints. 
  • Relaxation lounge
    Relaxation lounge fitted with open fire place, water and hay beds as well as cozy loungers and fantastic views overlooking the snow-covered winter.
  • Drinking
    ...is so important and an integral part of any wellness experience. Enjoy the refreshing mountain spring water and the assortment of fine teas available.

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