Log cabin sauna and hot pot

The ultimate outdoor sauna experience at Falkertsee

Enjoy a rustic sauna experience in our log cabin sauna made from KELOWOOD. The Kelo arctic pine comes from forests in the polar regions and grows for hundreds of years, then dies; it remains standing for the same period of time, while all its branches and bark fall off and its sap drains away onto the ground. The result is a super hard and dry wood with a characteristic silver-grey color and golden cut surface. The unique KELO aroma turns a sauna session into an unmatched experience
Rustic sauna enjoyment coupled with unparalleled comfort. Relish the fantastic views over the mountain range and the idyllic lake from the sauna bench. The size of the oven allows intensive infusions, increasing both sauna experience and regeneration factor. Once used to it, sauna freaks become addicted to the sensational pleasure of cooling down either in the bathing pond in winter or in the mountain lake in summer..

Hot Pot

If that’s not enough unspoilt nature, bathing in the pleasurably warm water of a real Swedish hot pot brought to the desired temperature by wood fire will satisfy even the most demanding nature lover ... Bathing fun in fresh and open mountain air is simply incredible – you have to try it out.

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