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Unwind and regenerate in Heidi's beauty parlor

Let yourself be pampered from head to toe in Heidi’s beauty parlor and enjoy individually tailored programs and advice offered by qualified beauticians.

From classic massages and treatments using locally grown herbs to soothing baths and beauty packages: forget about the worries of daily life and allow yourself the indulgence of ultimate relaxation while being treated by our experienced wellness and massage therapists.  For optimum results we exclusively use selected products by Alpienne and Maria Galland.

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Natural cosmetics and body care from the mountains.

For healthy and loving care you need products produced with skill and passion. And a clear committment to the natural. Alpienne Natural Care exclusively contains selected natural ingredients, each appropriately prepared to support the body in its many and varied functions and maintain a healthy balance.

Maria Galland

Perfect tailor-made skin care

Discover skin care that stimulate the senses! Whether face or body products, sun protection products or make-up, the MARIA GALLAND PARIS treatment program makes skin care a truly extraordinary experience.

Take a look at the varied offers and think of your wellbeing – body and mind will be grateful.

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